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Welcome My potential "slave"......

your ass, balls, and wallet had better be prepared for what is to come...
He shifted slightly, his weight resting heavily on his ribs, across the slightly padded top of the bench that was beneath him. His arms were starting to ache a bit, the weight of them hanging from the cuffs on his wrists that were chained to the metal rings screwed into the wall. He felt a little moisture drool from the corner of his mouth, the ball gag deep inside it making it hard to control, and impossible to speak. The hood was tight around his head, laced very strictly, then locked with a tiny chain, so even if his hands had been free, he’d have been unable to remove it. He could feel the weight of the metal collar locked at his through, heavy on the back of his neck in his bent-forward position.

His ankles were spread wide, each in a cuff at either end of the ankle spreader. His cock was pressed tightly against the leather of the shorts, locked onto him at the front, and at the thighs. He had heard the tag of the rear zipper moving, so he knew it wasn’t on the post in the rear. Within the shorts, he could feel the tightness of the leather strap around the base of his cock and balls, the weight of the padlock keeping it there.

He strained to hear her return, wondering how long she’d leave him here, bound tightly, helpless, waiting, wondering. His cock ached; it was so hard, hungry to be used. Part of him reveled that she could bring out his slut side so easily; part of him rebelled, not wanting to give in this quickly.

What was she planning? What would happen next?

<to be continued…>


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