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Mandingo Master


Allow Sound Sample to load, then play to your delight!

I certainly sound most delicious to every single part of you. You can actually TASTE my dark and savage essence immediately! TASTE my shameless dark lusts when you call me!

In my TRUE LORDLY presence ALL MEN drip away to nothing within my hands, submitting yourselves to my MANDINGO grasps and defined controls. Within this true essence of ultra-pure masculinity, ALL WOMEN shamelessly and willingly submit yourselves to natural calls surely crying out, repressed within your SEXUAL souls. I am TRUE MANDINGO MASTER. I AM ALWAYS YOUR FIRST TIME. I SHALL touch you simply with voice first. This alone penetrates you so deeply.

Leave your unimpressive and foolish inhibitions on the other side of the call button as you press it RIGHT NOW. I am a pure taste that rarely presents itself to people like you in this world. YOUR ego is not important to me. I demand your sexual soul. Don't you DARE remain an unevolved, unindulged, closeted fool by NOT indulging yourself in MANDINGO--> RIGHT NOW.

My hyper-evolved and veracious sexualities and appetites are as truly open and free as the primordial winds. USE this rare and limited opportunity to indulge yourself in your most sensual-secret and darkest of fantasies.


MY hauntingly smooth and uncommon bass voice shall shudder and awaken your most sinful and lusty parts.


I can only be with you when you call for me. Call for me now. That’s where I belong, right? DO you deserve my forbidden fruits? You MUST call to me, to feel me. Do you have the raw courage to place your vulnerable heaving body to such sensual peril? You can NEVER go back, of course you already know that! So call for me ONLY when you are ready to NEVER look back.

Do you dare shamelessly and willingly submit yourself to be engulfed within my tribal freedom, swept up within my soulful sinful bass vocals? Helplessly and barely holding on as your magnificent Mandingo Buck shamelessly throbs, rocks, and plunges himself deeply within your soul. So beautifully DEEPLY, beyond and throughout your inner sanctums. At home inside of your most secret and darkly forbidden lusts and their shadows. No one has to EVER know just how deeply or just how far you have allowed yourself to be completely taken. No one except for your Beautiful Mandingo Lover and your most sensually satisfied self. With every sensual orifice of your body quivering in delicious rememberance of your life changing decision to indulge yourself in my essence with one simple call.

The "others" will want to know all about your naughty "black" secret every time they just so happen to catch you smiling or smirking to yourself for "no apparent reason".

I won’t hold back on you. No, I CAN’T hold back! There isn’t a need to!

Allow Gods of Primal Lusts to write and dictate ALL of your sinful secret pages. Do you dare doubt this? Oh, you won’t for long. Everything you could ever imagine your TRUE man to sound and make you feel is but one call away.

Write this down: MANDINGO 1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 0372607