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Sexual Hypnosis

Have you ever dreamed of taking your orgasm to new highs?

Of experiencing pleasure beyond your wildest dreams?

With sexual hypnosis, you can do exactly that and so much more!


    In order for you to better enjoy and understand exactly what sexual hypnosis is, first let me tell you what it is not.  Sexual hypnosis is not mind control, or thought implantation.  You're not going to act like a chicken or do anything odd.  What sexual hypnosis does, is allow you to achieve the most VIVID fantasy possible.  It allows you to achieve a state of total relaxation in order to activate the sexual center of the brain more fully and completely.  First, let's get a couple things clear.  Obviously, I am not a doctor or licensed hypnotherapist.  I am not going to "cure" you of anything.  Second, I am not a mind reader!  Please be clear in your intentions BEFORE we get started.  There are MANY possibilities, some of which are detailed below.  Decide on what you want BEFORE you call.  Your time is precious, as is mine- and I want to do everything to make sure you enjoy it!

    What does a session entail?

    Quite simply, it begins with relaxation.  My soothing, sensual voice will allow you to achieve a trance-like state in which your body is highly receptive to suggestion.  Images will be more vivid, sights, smells, and feelings more intense.  Your level of arousal will be higher than normal.  You should plan on at least a 20-30 minute session.  Be realistic with your expectations.  Each time we take you into trance, you will go deeper, and deeper- reaching new levels of orgasm that will absolutely turn you inside out.  Hypnosis is not a cure all- it is a process.

    What will we talk about?

    There are several purposes for Sexual Trance/ Sexual Hypnosis.  It can be used for enhancing a fantasy, for using suggestion to heighten your arousal, to allow you to experience your "feminine" side in a more pronounced way, to connect more deeply with your own sexuality, to make you feel more powerful sexually, and the list goes on and on.  Sexual hypnosis is especially fun when working with submission issues :)

    What are sexual trances?

    Sexual Trances are Sexual fantasies created through hypnosis. If you have ever daydreamed at the wheel of a car only to become aware of where you were later in the trip, then you have experienced hypnosis. If you have ever felt the drowsiness from the white centerline and then snapped awake moments later, then you will have no problem entering a trance. There's nothing mysterious about it. It's a twilight area that we pass through every night as we fall asleep.

This is a VERY intimate and exciting way to experience arousal, sex, and orgasm!