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Spoil Me, Adore Me, Worship Me!!!

I was raised with Elegance, Charm and Beauty. I was spoilt as a child, being given anything my heart desired so why should I expect less now. My family had been of wealth and nobility for hundreds of years. Should I be less than they were?

Some believe that Slavery means abuse, not so, it means control over every aspect of anothers life. You wouldn't abuse or damage your car that your so proud of as it is valuable to you.. and so it is with a slave. You control, protect and provide what is needed, all that is needed, by that particular slave. Call it maintainance if you will. At times you reward them for special effort and others deny them or take appropriate action if they displease you. A content slave is a productive one.

I like surprises so Surprise me and often. I love all things with a Celtic flavor as Ireland is my homeland. If you see something I may have missed make that your surprise. OH and I do love anything in an emerald.

Think I'm a little too rich for your blood? Or could you afford to be my financial Slave? How maxed out are your credit cards?

If you prove to me you are worthy I will take you to the next step in serving with a Private Cam Show, but only if I deem you worthy. Email me through Keen and if I do deem you worthy enough I will request payment.

  • 10 mins....$15
  • 15 mins....$20
  • 20 mins....$25
  • 30 mins....$40
  • 45 mins....$55
  • 60 mins....$75