Phone Sex

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Your hard cock is going to end up getting you into all sorts of trouble with Me. I've been doing this awhile, and I know how addicted you guys get fawning over young Princesses like Me. You jerk off to thoughts of being financially used and humiliated by college giirls, but it takes you awhile to finally decide to call. And, when you do call, you end up even more addicted than you were when you were stuck with just My pic an your hand to keep your cock company.

I'll figure out your weakness and exploit it while I keep you weak and your cock hard. I'll make your heart beat fast and your cock throb; things your wife or girlfriend, if you're not too big of a loser to actually have one of those, can't do. You'll be paying just to tell Me how wonderful I am and what a weak and submissive slut you are. I'm sure that you already know that you're a weak and submissive slut, but positive reinforcement of those facts can never hurt, plus I love laughing as you whimper and beg for more humiliation.


I have pretty much always gotten what I've wanted in life, whether it's been from My parents, My boyfriends, Myself, or the assorted wimps, losers, and 'slaves' that populate the internet. Your money is fun to take because I know that you work all week to earn it, and then I effortlessly pluck it from your account. You're going to get more satisfaction from Me using your wallet than you will from handing your credit card over to your wife. When I tell you that you're a loser, it'll make your dick hard; when your wife or girlfriend tells you that you're a loser, your dick isn't going to be seeing any action for awhile. LOL

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