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Someone out there realized I am REAL! So, BY REQUEST, here is a recording to help you stop smoking. Listen to my recording. It starts out with a very relaxing induction to put you in a deep trance. Then, there is a little test to make sure you are under. Next, is the part to help you stop smoking. There is NOTHING sexual about this recording. This is to help you stop smoking. This is REAL. This is not some a recording by a phone sex girl pretending to be a hypnotist. Let me repeat, this is REAL...

Before you listen to this recording, I want you to think about something...that is HOW will your life improve once you stop smoking. Think of your life as a non-smoker, and then listen to the recording.

Suggestions to help:
Cut down coffee and liquor ... that will be help you control the urges for nicotine. In four days, all the nicotine will be gone from your body. (leave your system). Every time you urinate, the nicotine and poisons will be leaving your system, drink water to move poisons out. As the nicotines are leaving your systems, so is the calcium, so for the first four days chew calcium rich tums or rolaids. As the nicotines leave the system, the sugar also drops, this causes the craving for nicotine. For each of the first four days, eat three oranges or pink grapefruits per day. Because smoking is a nervous habit, the nicotine settles the nerves, you may feel stress. Take vitamin B-Complex for stress. Continue these for ten days. On the fourth day, you'll feel great because the nicotine is gone from system. On the tenth day, you'll feel real good because all your bloods cells will be oxygenated. All the residual smoke, nicotine and poisons will be cleansed from your body.

Good luck with your success. Be sure to send me an email to let me know of your positive results!

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