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Feminization for small penis

Making you a girl : feminizing sissy boy panty boy

They call it forced feminization, but in my experience sissy boys never need to be forced to slip on a frilly pair of panties; a sexy garter belt; a creamy set of thigh-high pantyhose; a lacy bra; a silky blouse; a slutty pair of shiny, high-heeled shoes.

Sissy boys, or should I say girls, are either born that way or made that way by a sissified early childhood upbringing. Once they wear a pair of stockings or panties (usually, by the age of twelve) they are hooked for life.

And it's not a matter of pretending that you are a girl: The fact is, you really are a girl, there really is a girl inside you, and as time goes on she is just going to come out more and more - and if you try to stop her, she'll embarrass you my forcing her way out in the most unpredictable manners (such as those uncontrollable urges that you sometimes have to dress up and bend over and let a Mistress with a strap-on teach you about pussy-asshole training and how to deep-throat a dildo, and the general rules of cocksucking etiquette such as how to properly lick, suck, and swallow).

So, let's get real: hand it over sissy - we'll get you all dressed up and, with your dildo in one hand and the phone in the other, call a real live Mistress (Me) who will take your training seriously, get deep into your head, and take you one step at a time along "The way of the Woman," until your girlhood, feminization, and sissification become a daily reality and a committed way of life.

Sissification and feminization are both forms of submission: renouncing the false "male" role that you were never meant to play and handing over the real phallic power and Mastery to a Woman who knows what to do with a big, black leather strap-on. The total handing over of all your will power and control to a Woman whom you acknowledge as being wiser and more powerful than you will ever be is what this is about: A Woman who understands power and who knows how to use it over someone (you) who could never really be comfortable being dominant in the first place.

So, swallow your pride, position your butt over the side of my bed, spread open your panty-hosed legs, pull down your sissified panties, pull up your pleated skirt, and expose your little penis / clitoris: Mistress is right behind you, with a strap-on for your pussy asshole and a very realistically shaped dildo for your juicy little mouth. I'll stroke your tiny clit (your tiny cock), yank your ball sack, squeeze and pinch your erect nipples, and pound your expectant pussy with a long, thick, black rubber cock. And after we finish, we'll fix your lipstick and make-up and then end the evening with a hot spanking: First with my hand, followed by my finger gently fucking your ass; then with the whip, followed by my vibrator up your pussy ass; and finally with my black leather riding-crop, followed by one last lingering session with my longest and thickest strap-on. And after all that, if you still refuse to cry, then a hard, swift, serious caning should do the trick. Ha ha ha.

For sissy slaves who spend the weekend with me, I expect you to sleep in a lavender nightie or pink girlie pajamas with bright red sissy panties. You will say good-night by licking my ass each night before going to sleep and you will say good-morning by bringing me my coffee, kneeling between my legs, and ass licking me.

And all this describes only the very beginning of a complex and arduous journey into the realm of total feminization, domination, and mind control that I have in store for you. If you are serious about handing it over, then tuck your small penis in your panties and let Mistress turn your little dick into a clitoris, empty your mind, surrender your illusion of control, and call me, your dominant redhead bitch - now. My sweet little bitch!