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Now hiring "Money Slave",possition available to qualified piss ants. Contact me for complete job description. Scroll down below for more information.

Money Slave
Job position: Fulltime and Part-time work Slave

Job description: To get up early every morning and to go to work full-time or part-time in My honor. As you sweat and work long hours at your tiresome job, you will take comfort in knowing that you do it for Me.

It is your duty as a slave to work hard at your job in honour of Me, your Goddess. It is the very reason of your existance and your only purpose in life. Therefore, it is not your money, it is Mine. you go to work to make money for Me. So everytime you receive your slave wages (whether you are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly) you will immediately send Me a large substantial sum from your paycheque.

You must never spend any amount from your paycheques until you have first sent My portion to Me. It is shameful for a slave to spend money on himself unless his Goddess is well looked after.

Instead of restlessly tossing and turning in your bed all night feeling ashamed, you can sleep deeply and feel well rested every morning knowing that you have been a good slave by working hard in My honour and serving Me well. You will make certain I live like a Queen and in luxurious splendor by filling My closets with jewels, furs, designer shoes, and clothing and furnishing My Goddess Temple with precious items that are worthy of a Supreme Goddess. You yourself do not need much to survive. you are a slave and so you must appropriately live like one by living a more basic life and humble existance. You can live off of the gratitude you will feel knowing that you have served Me well.

Call me for details on how you can be considered for this possition.

**special rules before calling***
Because Nightflirt is a hobby and fun love of mine, I am only available at sporatic times, please use the arrange a call appointment feature to alert me a head of time so that I can clear my schedule and make arrangements to take your call. As you can see I have fantastic reviews and I am doing this in hopes to "reduce" the amount of missed calls**

**rule two** I want this call to be as enjoyable to me as it is to you. I want to give you the best experience in the least amount of time, I can only do this if I know a little about you in advance, otherwise we are spending "your" money playing guessing games when we could be having fun.After all isn't this what it is all about (wink). If you have never called Me before, please send me a quick email after making your appointment introducing yourself and tell me a little about your ulimate fantasties.