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There you are watching a straight vanilla porn on your tablet. Your cock is hard. But you aren't staring at the porn star in the video. Instead you are gazing at the glistening hard cock. It won't be long till you abandon straight porno. It won't be long before you have to envision cock in your mind (actually in your mouth or ass) for you to stay hard enough to fuck your wife or girlfriend. You have a cock. How gay is it to want to experience the other side of cock? You're going to find out.

I've turned thousands of men gay. So gay some married other fags. Some came out to everyone they know including wives or girlfriends. My seductive voice in their head brought them down to their knees to suck cock. You will go gay too. I am the original girl on Niteflirt to turn men gay. Other Flirts followed because there are so many men desperate for cock I can't faggotize them all.

For you cock obsessed secret fags, every man I turned gay has never gone back to straight. If I'm not available, start with one of my PTV's such as my Gay Brainwashing Games or listen to one of my Forced Bi mp3s or recordings. Making you Go Gay will be the biggest mind fuck you have ever experienced!


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"Just to let everyone know Sara helped release the sissyfag in me and im now a total gay girl. I have a boyfriend and i only crave Cock!! I cant believe how easily Sara tapped into my inner desires and helped turn me out, now i have NO DESIRE for WOMEN except to be one of the girls and talk about Boyfriends and other girly stuff. BE WARNED, if you don't think you can become a man-loving fag like me, just call her and find out, im so happy being a sissyfag for my man and i cant thank Sara enough for making me GO GAY!"

"Sara's Gay Brainwashing Game Level I is exactly as advertised. Do the assigned tasks & you'll find yourself constantly thinking about sucking & fucking cock. If you have any doubt, play the game & see for yourself."

"Another stellar gay PPV game by Sara. Do the tasks in Level II of her Gay Brainwashing Game and you'll be so gay you'll forget what it's like to be straight. Play at your own risk!"

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"Hi Sara, This is how I started too, denying it was at all GAY to be STROKING my COCK with another guy in the gloryhole. Peering at each others hard penises thru the holes between the booths. Na, nothing gay about that, right? Soon I found myself kneeling on the sticky cum laden floor to get a better view of the strange cocks...nothing faggy about it...walking out onto the street with cum all over my knees, seems totally hetero right? Not even on the next trip to the GLORYHOLE when the door of the booth opened and a drunk fat dude came in, dropped his pants and began waving his half hard cock in my face. I had to SUCK ON IT, I was being forced, right? Now I wait for my beautiful wife to fall asleep and head to the gay bar across town. Generally I suck off guys in my car, SWALLOW their CUM, they never say a word. I am not gay, I just like to suck cock. Most nights in bed with my wife, I have to think of cock just to get hard to fuck my wife. yea, I am not gay either."
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I am an extensively and expensively educated Femdom now pursuing a post-grad program in my field. I enjoy long discussions here on Niteflirt with men who consider me their Confidante, their Agent of Change, their Mistress. Join me on a journey into something compelling and wild. If you crave to be hypnotized, ask for GAY hypno when you call.
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