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Mistress Samantha Paris

High Caliber Mind Fuckery & Wallet Draining

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I Found Your Gay Interracial Prison Porn.Let's See If You Can Handle The Real Thing!

Hi babe, how was your day? Mine was very interesting. Well I am using your laptop because I received the dreaded *blue screen* on mine this morning and had to have computer access to finish the business reports by 5pm today. While I was on your laptop HONEY, I had to go into your HISTORY, to retrieve a page I accidently shut down. Well, well, to MY surprise I saw no less then 200 DISGUSTING, gay, interracial, prison fuck & suck websites, that apparently you are a regular visitor to!! We have a wedding less then 3 months away & I am so upset I can barely talk, but I have decided that since I now know that I have a sissy fag who loves, Big, Aggressive, Black Cock for a fiance, I might as well set up the real thing for you. Let ME call and book a Thursday-Monday motel stay for you, where you will take on 12 Big Black Cocks a day/night. 6 will go in your mouth and you will suck the off. The other 6 will fuck you bareback, and you will finish them off with ATM...ass to mouth action. I will have one guy video tape each day,so that I know you have followed out the gay sissy bitch duties I have set forth. As for ME , I will be spending Thursday-Monday with your best friend & best man on MY own romantic rendezvous! Forced Bi, Interracial Domination, Sissy Training, Gay Male Sex, Confrontation, Humiliation, Curvy, Closeted Gay, Gay Humiliation 15.99. 14 minutes.

Home Wrecking Hooker

Hello darling. I wore a sexy costume tonight. Just call ME Officer Samantha! You know that I have been the *Keeper Of Your Secrets* for over a decade now. And might I add what outrageous secrets they are! You are are a husband, a father, a successful business man, a pillar in the church, a highly respected & well known man in the community. If the truth about your *Secret Life* were exposed in any of those arenas, well it would be immediate life implosion for you! LOL....oh you like MY handcuffs do you? Here let ME cuff you up sweetie. There! You won't be getting out until I let you out! Listen, I have a favor to ask you. I am in NEED of 25K ASAP. I won't bore you with the details, but it's an emergency and you are the only one I know with that kind of cash on demand. WOW! So you won't lend it to ME then, even though you're a billionaire?! Here open your mouth...Swallow. Was that a party pill? NOPE. That was a tranquilizer that is going to render you cognitively aware but physically paralyzed for now. What am I doing? Well I'm calling your wife at home. We've never officially *met* so I want to introduce Myself and tell her about the other side of her longtime husband! Shhhh you hear that crumbling? That's your life before the final collapse.Homewrecker, Mind Fuck, Cop Costume, Leg Crossing, Boots, Femdom POV, Exposure, Curvy, Escort, Call Girl, Peril 15.99, 15 minutes.

Edging & JOI In A Short, Low Cut Shiny Dress

You're all a bunch of Wankaholics arentcha? I know...I I have donned MY black, tight, lowcut, SHINY, PVC Killem with Kink dress on & MY matching opera length, black PVC gloves for a JOI, Edging, Delightfully verbally Dominant, controlling & slightly abusive session to once again remind you who's BOSS! I'll control when you stroke, how you stroke, where you stroke and whether or NOT you cum. Blue is MY favorite shade of balls and don't you forget it! JOI, Jerk Off Instruction, Edging,Female Domination, PVC, Fetish Wear, Gloves, Shiny, Verbal Abuse, Female Supremacy, Control, Masturbation Instruction $17.99, 17 minutes.

Intake Session At The Gender Transformation Center

Hello beautiful ladies, this clip is a continuation of MY earlier clip: Daddy To Mommy Makeover: (Buy it too if you haven't already!). Welcome To Our Gender Transformation Center. You have decided to go for an astonishing head to toe, surgical and cosmetic, Gender Transformation. Second step after the orientation is the intake, where I will go through all the female transition prototypes and you will choose which female embodiment you are going to become! I have hunch you're sweet on our third and most popular prototype our:Busty, Bodacious, Blonde Slut. We'll cover all plastic surgery choices, CC amounts (breast size) etc., hair color, and over all final look. Hold onto your falsies and wigs ladies, we're about to make you a Real, Live, Woman! Transgender, Transformation, TS, Sex Change, Transsexual, Feminization, Sissy Training, Sissy Slut, Medical, Glasses, Professional Woman$15.99, 14 minutes.


Virgin Trans Girl Mesmerize

Take a journey with a nineteen year old male virgin who knows he is a female trapped in the wrong body. He has been referred to ME and like the Ghost of Christmas Past & Future I put him under with MY mesmerizing, captivating, large crystal pendant and walk him through what his life would have been like if he had been born a girl and what his life will be like once he makes the transition from male to female. Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Magic Control, Transformation Fantasy, Transformation Fetish, Gender Transformation, Transsexual, TG/TS, Spell, Sissy Training, Feminization, Shiny, Virgin.>$21.99, 21 minutes.

Happy Honeymoon: MY Cuckolding Plans Revealed

Wow honey what an *amazing* wedding we had! I am so glad we are now on our honeymoon. We've sealed the deal and I bet that you are ready to settle into a nice, long, loving relationship with ME, aren't you? Well, there's something I need to tell you. Even though I love you, you fall way short for ME. Short between the legs I mean. Sweetheart I am a SIZE QUEEN...a BBC Size Queen to be exact. What's BBC? Well darling, it's Big Black Cock. I need to let you know that I CANNOT be without it. SO....when we get back from our honeymoon. I am going to start taking on very well hung, very fit, young black lovers and you're going to help ME. You're going to find MY young, hung, black lovers, you're going to assist ME in getting ready for MY dates, and you're going to participate in MY sexual rendezvous's by Fluffing-sucking cock, eating creampies out of MY pussy and occasionally getting fucked yourself. Here's to our amazing future together! Cuckolding, Cuckolds, Hot Wife, SPH, Humiliation, Forced Bi, Interracial, BBC, MILF, Legs, Curvy. $14.99, 173minutes.

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