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Rough Dominant Master

Hugely hung God/Man uses you for amusement & $$$

You are simply my toy... man or woman...I could pimp you out and you would be grateful. I degrade you and you realize it is the only love that you deserve because you are simply dirt. You believe that I love you... but I only exploit you, insult you and use you. The only thing that keeps my cock hard when you are around is the fact that it amuses me for you to go out and fuck with strangers in order to bring me money that I dont need. You would tell me about the things that happen to you out there and I will laugh. You would do anything for me. It is your sick problem that it makes you feel worthwhile when you give me money... it sort of makes you feel that you can be part of being special... like I like I am... not pathetic, ordinary, and boring like you are.

You know that there is no way that a pathetic loser like you could ever hope to even touch a God/man like me unless you pay, and pay with all you have; not only money but your spirit as well; working three jobs, selling your pitiful ass to fat ugly stinking old men, and stealing from your family to get the money to give me... thinking that if you had enough I might actually give a damn about you even for a moment. HA! You are nothing more than an ordinary slob, a pitiful piece of dogshit put on this earth to amuse and provide money for superior beings like me.

You will become addicted to what I give you. I will abuse you and reduce you to the pitiful animal that you long to be. I will know the fears that you have and expose them. Afterwards you with want nothing other than me... not because I am beautiful and hugely endowed... but because no one else will take you to that place where there is no reality...only submission and pain. The place where you can forget how pitiful you are.

You have been there... perhaps.... once you may have been with someone that really tuned in to what you needed. Someone that knew that more abuse, more humiliation, and more degradation took you to a place that was blissful and free for you. Someone that didnt stop fucking you because you cried....someone who applied the belt, the paddle, the cane, or the whip cruelly and over and over again. Someone that seemed to know how to get to your most secret places. Someone that knew how to use rope, clamps, pain, and words in a way that made you crave only more and more. Someone who punished you brutally for the smallest deviation from their orders. Someone that made you afraid of the thing that was inside of you screaming for more. When you are there you are truly my whore

Using your mind I can take you there, the way I do with my whores when they come to me to offer financial tribute.. They need what only I give them. They actually love the dirty fat old ugly men that fuck them because they have learned that they were born to be used by cock, and because doing it gives them a chance to touch me... perhaps even to feel me inside them for a moment. I am not the standard "fucks for bucks" pimp. They come to me for more. They are people of stature and prestige...not street whores. Men who turn tricks for me that are reduced to crying animals with a few words, women that only whimper while they are used, some that beg for brutal forced sex, some that cry for the lash, for the hot wax, for nipple and genital torture, or simply for the opportunity to offer themselves as flesh for my amusement. The do things that they would never believe possible because they crave my attention. They know that they are garbage and that I am their GOD. They come to learn how far they can actually go pushed to be better servants ... and they belong to me. They give me not only their money but their souls as well.

They all both crave and fear the deep penetration of my 9 1/2 inch rock hard dick...brutally fucking their throats, or tearing in to their quivering fuck holes. When they learn to take it they beg for it, but then are only penetrated when they perform well, bring in large amounts of extra tribute or accept some new creative punishment without a word.

Sometimes when they are looking for brutality I make tender passionate love to them... using the same cock that tore them before as a a tool for exquisite pleasure... perhaps for the whole session, or perhaps turning on them when they are open and vulnerable with the whip, a slap, or cruel withdrawal. I will know what you need even when you do not. It is simply my perverse gift.

You know the place you need to go... and you know that I will get you there....time after time. Knowing that you are pathetic and need me to do it for you; and will bring me cash tribute for the pleasure of abusing, brutalizing, and fucking you makes my cock swell.... Your lover cannot do it... he never hurts you quite enough... never pushes you further than you can endure to get you to the "special place"... that is why you will always come back to me... you will hate me and need me.... but you will always come back.

If you are good scum, and you amuse me I will love you cruelly... the way you want... that you need.... the way you are afraid to ask for...the way that takes you out of your day to day life and makes you into nothing but a mass of shaking flesh to be used, abused, fucked, and demeaned.

Tell me what you want .. Tell me about the way you like it and want it...about how you get it and why you need it better so that I can be the best for you...Don't waste my time and your money (I'll get all of your money that I want anyway) not getting what you need... Want to know about my last trick?... the last hole I fucked for fun?...just wish it was you don't you....You might be next... or at least you can send me money hoping that you might be....

You know that this is you... you need it... don't deny the craving... go there now ... come to me.... ask me for what you really want.... you know I'll give it to you....and you know it will hurt when I do.... a lot.....