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a little girly

Sneak into my room and tell me a bedtime story.

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What does a naked girl sound like? Soft, and sweet. A little bit innocent, a little girly. I like to giggle, and flirt with you. A big tease in my little skirts and shorts. I'm 18 barely, petite, perfect.

You can fall in love with me, it's hard to resist my smile. Can I sit in your lap? Do you like lots of touching? I like hugs, and kisses, and naughty time stolen when no one is looking at us.

Sharing secrets feels so good. Talking to me is so real, it's like being in my bedroom, standing over my bed. Feel my goosebumps when you slide the covers down, me in my nightgown.

I think about bad things all the time, too much for my age but I can't help it.  I fantasize about the things you might want to do with your little girly. Guys who like young women will think I am #1 cutest ever. Whatever you want to talk about is ok with me, I like forbidden fantasies with older men.

Come to my room tonight, ok ...?

taboo, forbidden, teeny princess just turned 18. thinks about boys way too much for her age.
i get in trouble in school for daydreaming. if they only knew what i was thinking about doing.
i am 5'6 and i weigh 121 lbs. (size 3 jeans!) i have really long honey brown hair and green eyes.
i am taking a year off before going to college until i know what to do. that means party time!
yes, i am a little spoiled and i can be a brat, naturally. but i am very loyal to those who <3 me.
yes, i have a boyfriend, he doesn't know. ok, technically i have two boyfriends LOL don't tell.
one thing i am not is a "professional" anything. i'm a real girl, with real feelings, and real fantasies.

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