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It's like that old TV commercial, I don't just come on Keen to make a buck, I'm also a customer...and I have the credit card receipts to prove it! Some of you out there already know who I am and know that I'm pretty damn familiar with the listings on Keen.

If you want an effective listing you have to know what it is that draws guys to one rather than another. And even more importantly, what's a surefire way to drive them away. Sure, you know what they want when they call but first you have to get them to notice you and believe me, guys look at a lot of listings before they decide on which one they're going to try.

Now I can't help you with the content. The services you offer are completely up to you. How they're presented, though, that I can help you with. And it doesn't have to cost a lot of money. A listing template is usually just one hundred fifty dollars and can be up and running for you in no time. And in case you're not sure what a 'template' is, it's the basic design for all of your listings, all you do is plug in the text and the photo's and you're done! If you want for me to do that part as well it's only twenty-five per listing. Or, If you prefer, I can do the pages individually for seventy-five dollars each. Either way, your listings will reflect what it is that you're trying to communicate while not committing any of the mistakes that will cause a potential caller to move along to someone else without even looking at what you're able to offer him (or her).

Keen is a lot like the restaurant business...Presentation is everything. Take images for example. You want pictures on the page? Well of course you do. But did you know that the majority of people looking at your listing do not have high speed internet connections? If you bog down your page with pictures that take forever to load the guy isn't likely to just sit there and wait. We're not talking about guys who are in the most patient frame of mind. So images have to be reduced in file size but that doesn't necessarily mean they have to be reduced in either quality or physical size. You just need to own the right tools to fix the problem. For this I use a package that set me back over $700 and it's only one of many that I have at my disposal. Do you really think that the freeware program you find in a Google search is going to do the same job?

The right tools are important but there are also matters of experience. Certain typefaces work on the net, while other ones are known to be a problem for users. The same is true for particular colors and color combinations. Just because a color is your favorite doesn't mean that it hasn't been found by designers to turn people off on the internet. And if you don't think these things matter then you're just kidding yourself. There's a reason why big companies pay serious money to design consultants to help them pick a color scheme or to have a typeface designed exclusively for them..

Now obviously you aren't interested in high priced consultants or exclusive typefaces but that doesn't mean you can't get professional help. It's available and affordable and if you're serious about making money on Keen then the cost is a small investment.

And by the way, using the same text for several different listings, that's another good way to tell a guy to go look someplace else. If you need me to help you write your copy I can do that as well for thirty-five dollars per listing.

$150 for a page template
[You plug in the info - $25 per listing add'l if I do it for you]

$75 each for individual pages

$35 per listing for copy writing

Discounted group rates also available!

It just doesn't get more reasonable than this for professional design and copywriting from someone who uses Keen as a customer and understands what customers are looking for.

For the fastest reply, contact me directly at
Or you can use Keen mail

If you're interested in putting up a website outside of Keen either to promote your Keen page or for any other reason, you'll find the rates equally reasonable. I can also help you with getting a host and all the other annoying stuff.