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Pretty and Pink

A tale of two orgasms...yours and mine!


Hey there... my name is Kayla. I am a 23 year old college student. I attend a private liberal arts college in the Midwest. I am in the graduate program for sexology... or how to be a sex therapist. I am ALWAYS horny. I can never get enough cock... or cunt. I am a bisexual and love three-somes more than anything! I am not into monogamy, and like to keep my options open... so I am currently dating/fucking a few men and a few women. I've always wanted someone to call while I was fucking one of them so they could hear how much I please someone else... or hear me moaning and biting in the background. I am both a voyeur AND an exhibitionist.

I love role playing. I attend school, so I always imagine going back to one of my professors' offices and fucking their brains out on their desk. I also have a few other dirty little secrets that I would love to tell you and hear you get off. I LOVE the sound of a slippery cock when its being jerked off. :-)

I am willing to talk about anything. I have an attitude to go along with this sexy body, but I am not a hardcore domme. I love teasing men and making them beg for me, and then not give them anything in the end... then watch them squirm. Men are wimps when it comes to sexual relationships...they always want to be dominated! I am the one that likes to be held down and fucked like mad. But it won't be easy to get in these pants... you need to earn it.

I sit in my room every night, doing the mounds of homework for class the next day. I really need a break sometimes... and I ALWAYS need to get off. You want to get in my head AND in my pants? I'm sure I can think of something that will melt you. I hope we can talk soon... my cunt is aching to get off.

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