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You know you want me to own your ass. You want me to laugh at you, to mock you, to humilate you. What else would I want to do with you? Fuck you? Don't make me laugh. Guys like you just hear me giggle and they do WHATEVER I want. You know you want to worship me.

Submit to me, you know you want to. Doesn't it so hot to be owned by a young girl even though you feel ridiculous at the same time? Don't worry about it. All you should be concerned about it ME. I know that's all I care about.

Do I look too innocent to own a grown man? Don't be fooled. I'm every guy's fantasy. They all say so. I look sweet and innocent and you never think I could be a bitch. You underestimate me and before you know it, you're wrapped around my little finger.

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