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The Bytch Goddess you DREAM of

Welcome to MY world you fucking little dick losers, panty boys, ass boys, wimps, pain sluts, and all around LOSERS.

I am a real time fucking DOMINANT GODDESS. I eat fucking pussies like you for BREAKFAST. I am the kind of woman you fucking DREAM about. I will use you, abuse you, laugh at you, tease you, taunt you, and play with your little brain. BOTH of them.

What's your fetish? What's your fantasy?

Ball crushing?
Cock and ball torture?
Strap on training?
Face sitting?
Foot worship?
Financial Domination?
Chastity training?
Small dick punishment?
Key holding?
Sissy training?

Been there, done that, I wrote the fucking BOOK on it. You will be my play toy, to do with as I please. I will lead you into the fantasies you were afraid to tell ANYONE about. I will take you places you never wanted to go, and where you will never want to leave once I have taken you there.

I will BE your fantasy, your fucking obsession before I am done with you

And all the while, I will be laughing at you for MY pleasure.

Special Note to Theone198: What the fuck did you expect you dumb dickless fuck? You called a fucking MISTRESS. Where the fuck is "Oh sweetie, I'm calling for a stroke session" on my list of fetishes?? Its not. Go check out the hot-n-horny section shithead. Not that it fucking matters, you wouldn't know how to fuck if you had a step-by-step manual and a 6 month supply of Viagra rammed down your throat. Next time you want a stroke session, try fucking READING a listing dumbass.