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Mistress Cassie

Financial Ruin - Domination - Control - Blackmail

your wallet is MINE. your Bank Account is MINE. you are MINE. PAY ME, walletslave. I COMMAND YOU!

I Know you are weak and pathetic, and all you have that I want is your CASH. There is nothing you can do to please or satisfy me, so you will pay for my attention, and you will pay dearly for it.

I will take all you have, slowly and methodically, leaving you nothing,but an empty wallet, maxed out credit card, and zeroed out bank account. You crave, you NEED the attention of a beautiful and powerful woman, and now you will PAY for it. I know what turns YOU ON! CALL, submit and pay, I Expect YOU!

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I dare you!

Worship Mistress Cassie

I am your Superior in every way. I am smarter and more beautiful than you could ever imagine. I am going to take your money and spend it on the things that make me happy, fine dining, beautiful clothes, shoes and shoes and more shoes, jewellery and more. I am going to gamble it, spend it on parties with me friends, I am going to burn up your money faster than you ever imagined. And I know that just made your mouth water and your dick hard! All you need to know is that your hard earned cash is becomeing my play dough, and you need me to have it all.

You know this is true, you can't wait to call me and hear me take your coin. You can play my money pig recordings, you will receive my pay for view piggy tax emails. I am going to bleed your wallet dry. I am going to RUIN you, BREAK you, BLEED you DRY.

My emails arrive, daring and dragging you so close to that dark edge, that edge you want so desperately to peer over, that edge you are so scared of. You will not resist.

Pay Me. The thrill far out weighs the pain.

Call me. I Command you.

Get on your knees slave.

Be prepared for complete financial DOMINATION.

Mistress Cassie  

If you are too much of a coward to call me, play my recordings, or, email me and beg for forgiveness.

Understand one thing, slave. Understand that your world is about to CHANGE. It is about to become MY WORLD>.

Are you a moneyslave in training? If so, here is My training program for aspiring money slaves!

Step One in becoming My money slave.

Try it again - it doesn't hurt...

Step Two, its starting to get exciting!
Step Three, you are losing control.
Step Four, starting to squeeze that wallet!

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Once is never enough
Temptation and Torture

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