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Developing Your Sexuality Through Fantasy

As a priestess of Kali and Bridgid I am no stranger to understanding sexual courage and sexual healing. I see my role as a Professional Dominant to be educational, entertaining and healing. I want to challenge your perceptions of erotica - from the "taboo" of modern society's sexual discourse - to a sexual spiritual framework where your passion, personal power, self-pride, self-image and sexual esteem are exercised.

I am seeking to build and play with well rounded men and women, who share my beliefs in erotic energy exchange. In a Taoist perspective we are all connected by these energies. We can tap into one another's energy fields to suit our sexual needs and to heal or develop our entire being.

Sexuality doesn't just exist on a mundane physical level, it is observed energetically by the psyche and spirit. As a Professional Dominant and Priestess in goddess spirituality I can work with these subtle energies within a BDSM scene to bring new light to your sexuality.

Mistress Xeres has trained with San Francisco Sex Information as a sex educator, with five years experience in the BDSM arts. She received her training as a Dominant under the tutelage of Mistress Cybelle Holiday. M. Xeres resides in the Northern California Bay Area and is a member of Society of Janus.

She has an extensive theatrical background and experience as a make up artist and costumer, making her an expert in gender play and illusion - transform with her. Born on the "Day of the Role Player" in classic zodiac - M. Xeres is truly a Dominant with many faces with a feline flare and feel for fantasy play.

An intuitive and gifted sadist heavily influenced by BRITISH and AMERICAN styles of domination with training in Chinese medicine and alternative healing techniques, she combines old guard style Dominance with a holistic perspective. M. Xeres will take into account your entire being, transforming your body, mind and fantasy self.

She enjoys educating novices and couples on enhancing their eroticism with tantra and/or BDSM. Mistress Xeres enjoys foot worship and all ranges and types of sensation play. She especially loves her violet wand.

Mistress Xeres believes in consensual, safe and sane adult play. She is searching for slaves, submissives and masochists to play with in her sessions. She is available for the sexual education and exploration of willing pupils.

I enjoy educational sessions with novices or couples, providing instruction to help enhance their bedroom life and persona with SM or sensation techniques. My training as a Priestess and knowledge of Chinese Medicine will help to further your study in your own sexual evolution.

Cross Dressers
Cross Dressers, Trannies and Sissies I am your QUEEN! Turning men into perfect ladies...and ladies into perfect gentlemen. With impeccable fashion sense, professional make up and costumer experience I can transform any bewildered cross dressers into their fantasy persona. My knowledge of skin care products and clothing could make you the sexiest sissy in town. I am available for personal shopping sessions to strengthen your wardrobe and fashion skills.

Foot Worship
You will enjoy foot worship as you beg at my feet. I understand the fetishist's urge to love, kiss, adore, and worship painted toes like jeweled candies. I share in the same passions and obsessions known only by the foot fetishist. Examine the curve of my arch, the silk smooth skin, and the red polished coat of my toenails, as I command you to kiss them and worship them.

Nipple Torture
It is within my sadistic nature to love pinching, slapping, clamping, strapping, teasing, tugging, throttling, licking, poking, pulling, piercing, squeezing, tapping, flicking, scratching and torturing breasts and nipples. That about covers doesn't it?

Sensations of the flesh
I consider myself a gifted and skilled sensationalist. I've spent years perfecting an energetic understanding and timing that will bring balance to any whipping, caning, spanking, paddling or sensation session.

Experience the high frequency erotic pleasure exchange between your genitals and my sadistic manifestations.

Worship and Fetish
You will delight in adoring me in my many corsets and rubber or latex gowns and skirts. Or you may purchase one for me and schedule your session. My measurements are 36-26-36. My Victorian glove collection and shoe collection will suit your fetish needs. If you have a specific fetish please inform me during your phone call.

Role Play
My vast experience and training as a stage actor will bring realism to your role playing sessions. I enjoy playing most dominant roles in classic role play scenarios, but please contact me with your scenerio to see if we are compatible. I am especially interested in training slaves and submissives.

I use light bondage to enhance interrogation scenes and other domination/sensation scenes. Bondage scenes are intense and require time and energy - if you are a bondage enthusiast contact me for a session and be very specific, as I choose my scenes carefully, and phone bondage is different than face to face play.

Violet Wand
The electric power of the wand is of the most appealing to me. An electric sexual magician my wand can vibrate you from inside and out. Electrocuting the breasts or testicles is a highly erotic pleasure for me. The grounding pad, which allows me to get close to my victim with out getting shocked, provides extra sensuous violet wand scenes. Xeres is the sound electricity makes...I, Mistress Xeres, am electrically charged and high voltage. The wand is my scepter, a magical power tool - bow down to my might.