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Dionne 69

On your knees, Barrett!! Your ass belongs to me!!

Hello Barrett.  Being that you have officially admitted to being a waste of flesh, we'll dispense with the frivolous conversations.  From now on - you're mine.  You belong to me.  You will do as I say.  If I tell you to do something, you will do it.  

From now on, you will not waste my time.  You say you want to give me your money - prove it.  No more telling me how much you will load.  You will load enough on to make sure that I don't have to deal with interruptions any longer.  Interruptions annoy me.  You don't want me annoyed.  You will call on Wednesday and Sunday evenings.  If for some reason you feel like you need to look at/ talk about tits, ass and pussy beyond those days, you will call me.  Only me.  

You will no longer hang up on me.  That makes me very unhappy.  From now on, I determine when these calls end.  If you cum, it's because I want you to cum and I damn well better hear you cumming.  At the end of these calls, you will leave feedback.  If you cannot do so on the phone, you will do so on a computer.  Feedback makes me happy.  You want me happy.  Trust me.

When I deem you worthy of pictures of me, you will pay whatever I tell you to open them.  No whining.  



You gave yourself over to me.  Welcome to my world.


To all those who may stumble across this listing either because of curiosity or because you have a need to be abused, get up off your ass and call me.  However, I am not a person to be trifled with.  If you do not follow the guidelines you will be blocked.  End of discussion.