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Queen JazMean- A Truely Superior Being

Queen JazMean's Palace

A Superior Woman like Myself deserves to be spoiled and pampered like the Queen that She truly is. This line was created for My current slaves and potential slaves to have the honor and privilege of speaking to a Truly Divine Creature. I know that I was destined to be a Queen who men adored and wanted to worship, it is in My blood. Every aspect of Me personifies a True Goddess, the intensity in My Beautiful Dominating Eyes, the softness of My sun kissed caramel skin, My well manicured hands that have no problem smacking the hell out of a inferior creature if he steps out of line, My beautiful feet which no slave is worthy of being underneath, and lastly but most importantly My truly Dominant aura. Background info- As I’ve said before being Dominant is in My blood. I am a triple threat. I am mixed with the blood of 3 powerful races that produces Women who were born to be Dominant. I have the blood of Black Warrior Queens, Royal Native American Goddesses, and Passionate Puerto Rican Princesses. For the record, this is not a phone sex line. When you call Me, W/we talk about what I want to talk about, if I want to talk about baseball, then hell W/we are talking about baseball, your duty is to entertain and spoil Me. I am not here to entertain you; you are here to worship Me. Being the inferior male that you are, you should be happy that I am giving you the chance to spoil Me and pamper Me. Having the honor of Queen JazMean spending your money is a privilege, Me even talking to your ass on the phone and using you for your money should make you the proudest piece of shit in the world.