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$$Morons$$ with money-I'm going to ruin your life

Don't waste my time unless you're serious about me fucking with your life and financially ruining you. I'm a bitch and it gives me great pleasure to fuck you up. First I'm going to smash you and turn you into my personal credit card, then I'm going to spend the money entertaining a man who is worth my time. You are going to foot the bill while we dine on lobster and truffles.

If I'm not available to take your call, then listen to one of my recordings to hold you over until I'm taking calls. Or, you can arrange a call with me. Keen will email me, and if I can, I'll sign on and talk to you in a minute or two.
phone sex recordings If you would like to hear my voice before calling, here's a sample. But be warned, this sample contains verbal humiliation. If you're a big baby and just want some little pink chiffon cuffs slapped on your wrists and think that makes you a real slaveboy, don't bother with this call. You won't be able to handle it. You've been warned, bitch. Short but sweet, just to give you a taste.
phone sex recordings In the mood for some cock & ball torture? Get your clothespins out and get ready for a little bit of "feel good" therapy. Just what the doctor ordered to brighten your day!!! Now get out those clothespins (and don't even THINK about calling without them!).
phone sex recordings Listen as Mistress Karina instructs you to enter an empty building, strip naked, then put on a blindfold and await your torment...and pleasure! At the end of the recording, listen for a url, username and password to a nice selection of exclusive photos of Mistress Karina, and of Mistress Karina and one of her slaveboys.
phone sex recordings This recording explains my views on financial domination - a quid pro quo, even though true money slaves like to believe they give with nothing in return. Face facts, bitch: you DO get what you want in return. Listen to the recording for my explanation on this and why you should become my personal money slut.