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Do you want to know what lust is? I will show you

MMm ladies Hello I enjoy fun on the phone a chance to know you to explore the very depths of the vastness of your being to be talked to the way you like to be talked too.. kissed the way you liketo be kissed.. touch the way you like to be touched.. anything goes ..I have long black hair and peircings very cute hottie Gothic Boi kinky is a must in all of us So When you just stop... and look deep inside of you... and you are able to push aside all the rules and restrictions that hold you back... you find that you are free to look at your own desires with eyes unclouded by the fears of others. You can look deep inside and see that special place where you keep all your secrets. Inside is what you desire. You can see your desires and when you see your desires, you know that what you want is right there waiting for you to act on your desire. Now, with me... that's quite a powerful thing. When you see your desires clearly, maybe for the first time, the excitement and longing you feel is very strong. The excitement of knowing you can fulfil these desires and the longing of wanting so share that experience with someone who understands how you feel. When you allow your feelings and desires to dictate your actions... you can look deep inside yourself with eyes unclouded by the fears of others... and now see your true desires... and know this is something you have to experience.. What's it like when you're so attracted to the sound of a man's voice, that whenever you find yourself really listening, it's like the warmth of that voice just starts to wrap itself around you, and spread all through your body, maybe to the point where you find yourself thinking about being with him in a ... mmmmmmm ... special way, in a way that would make you both feel ...mmmmmmm, you know? So much so that as those pictures in your mind get bigger, and bigger and more intense, and those feelings ... mmm ... intensify you could just experience an overwhelming desire, a desire to be with him ... to the point where you just had to experince this right now? Can you imagine me going down on you all night long, and you getting so hot and turned on that you were begging for it? you know that feeling you get just before you have an orgasm? When the pleasure is just like building and pulsing and pounding through your body? If you could imagine that feeling, could you feel it right now?