Phone Sex

: Looking for the best phone sex? You've found it, here at NiteFlirt.

Cuckolding – A relationship in which the female is free to choose sexual partners as she wishes and the male remains monogomous. She does this for her enjoyment and as a reminder to the submissive male of his place.

It is the fantasy you do not share with anyone? The fantasy you long for? Do you have the courage to be true to yourself? Do you have what it takes to embrace your destiny?

If you do – then I invite you to apply to be my cuckold.

I invite you to call and explore what leads up to your becoming a cuckold.

Is it your little dick? A deep desire to be humiliated beyond anything you've ever even imagined?
Is simply the FACT that you understand yourself to be a true submissive?

WE know your place is to keep ME happy:
happy with beautiful and stylish clothes
sexy stilettos
anything I want.

And yes, happy with as much COCK as I desire.
COCK that is bigger than your pathetic thing.
COCK that knows how to satisfy a beautiful woman like me.
COCK that a subby boy like you could never provide for me.

I AM what you have been searching for in vain. A true experienced Goddess. I know my power, my beauty and MY devastating intellect.
I know how to wield it over boys like you.

You may tremble before you pick up the phone to call me, but know beforehand that it will be a life changing experience. One that will leave you for the better…
even in your service, shame and humiliation.

I have a career that is visible and keeps me very busy, therefore my privacy and time are my own. Being plastered all over the web isn't my thing. Be assured I am attractive. My photos are located in my myspace page.
Cam is available at my discretion.

Keep me happy,pampered and entertained...
and I might stick around.