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This is an open invitation to all cash piggies, losers, sex addicts, stripper junkies, wankers, cuckolds, sissies, or whomever else wants to lose a small fortune each time you call my lines. I want to get you drunk, wasted and broken down. You know it's impossible to say no to such a hot sexy blonde like me. Load up your Niteflirt account as much as you possibly can. I'm ready to rip you off and send you back to your bitch wife with an empty bank accounts and wallet. My goal is to financially destroy you through sexual seduction , blue ball style cockteasing and manipulation. I don't respect you or your situation so please avoid the common traps that some men make when trying to get me to be merciful. The top excuses that are made are the following:

Top Excuses Given By Men Who Cannot Resist Me Soultions For Your Excuse
  • The old "The Economy Sucks Right Now" excuse.
It didn't work when it was actually bad and it won't work now.
  • The excuse of having a low paying job which prevents you from spoiling me the way I prefer.
Most jobs have overtime , just work longer shifts or find a second income. It's not that hard to do.
  • The "I'm so into you but I am afraid to try because I know I will become hooked"
If you think this way, your a spineless sperm stain and deserve to be ignored by all women , it's best to avoid me if your a coward.
  • I have kids in college and I can't afford you excuse
Not my problem, they are adults and can pay their own tuition.
  • If my wife see's my credit card bill and catches me she will leave me or make threats
Get a card that she doesn't know about, sell anything of value , I don't care about your bitch wife, if you want to please me you will find a way

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