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Explore your hidden desires through hypnosis.

Are you straight and want to try making it with a hot guy? Are you bi or gay and want to see how submissive you can be, when I put you under? Or would you like to make love to a hot guy. I have no taboos so nothing is off limits for me. Tell me your fantasy; I will have you live it out while in a hypnotic state. I can also do age regression, to have you re-experience a sexual contact that you enjoyed when you were younger. I am a trained professional hypnotist and can intensify your orgasm through my sexual hypnosis, using a technique I developed. I am also available for non-hypnotic phone sex calls.Try one of my recorded listings I offer 4 different recordings depending on what you are into. I worked as a print and runway model and had professional pictures taken. I will send anyone that asks, one free nude picture of me, to show you who you will be with before the call.I know you will think I am hot and want to call. For those that leave a 5 star rating no matter the length of the call. You will receive 3 different nude pictures of me free, for each 5 star rating. It doesn’t get any better! My name is Gary call me. What is it like to be hypnotized? You don’t go into a deep trance where you are helpless or do you dance like a chicken. That is show business. The best way to describe it would be, an advanced state of relaxation. A calm that allows me to create images in your mind that seem real. So you may experience feelings that could only be accomplished through hypnosis using your minds eye. I can become anyone you like to help you fulfill your sexual fantasy. I have found that the more you want it the deeper you go. If you would like to experience what it is like, check out my 8-minute recording masturbate under hypnosis. All of my recordings are only $1.00 per minute. Read some of my feedback and see what other have said about the experience.