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Your Tantric dreams and fantasies await you!

I run a hot shower and begin to undress as steam fills the room; my body chills as clothes drop to the floor. I step in and sigh, the water feels wonderful, caresses my body. Nipples grow erect as the water lightly runs over them down my abdomen to my yoni. As tingles take over the chills, I take up my razor and shaving gel and begin my ritualized shave of legs and yoni, every inch is shaved with perfection, and smooth virgin skin is revealed. Touching myself as the foam is rinsed away, closing my eyes I envision the night ahead. Stepping out of the shower the night air chills my body once more. Patting my skin dry I warm and spread scented oils over my skin, tonight I want to be the best and no detail will be left to chance. I carefully cover every inch with softness. Turning to my closet for a nitie, I spot you, you have been watching me. I have been so involved with me, touching and caressing myself that I did not notice you presence. I am startled. "How long have you been watching me?” said in a nervous tone. "Long enough to know you to love yourself. It was beautiful to watch you take care of yourself like that". I blush as a child caught red handed. I giggle, "Well I guess no reason to dress". Approaching you I open my arms and wrap myself around you, as we kiss, I look you in the eyes. I want to feel my smooth moist skin upon yours; I draw your shirt over your head dropping it on the floor. Running my hands along your back over your shoulders down your chest, loving what I feel. When I get to your waist I slowly run my hands towards the middle of your back, as I do my nipples brush your chest. Feeling them begin to tingle growing erect and wanting. Kissing you softly I move from side to side letting just my nipples rake your chest. My hands find there way to your trousers. Turning my hand I cup your groin to feel the heat that has built, your erection is noticeable. Dropping to my knees I keep my eyes on yours, I can see the happiness, see the soul. My eyes gaze down to your now exposed Lingam; it is a beautiful sight, firm, warm, erect, and alive with energy. "What a wonderful sight, I shall treat you well". Evil playful giggles come from my lips. I kiss the tip to acknowledge its beauty and rise to meet your lips once more. You taste the precum on my lips, sweet tasting you lovingly kiss my lips and moan with delight. "I want to take my shower baby, be as clean and sweet for you as you are for me". The words come from your lips in a shaky manner, excitement has you wanting me now however the day’s film needs to be washed from the skin, and all must be cleansed and virgin tonight.... TO BE CONTINUED