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toppling the patriarchy, one loser penis at a time...
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Female Supremacy Is Just The Tip Of the Iceberg

Wanna play in the femdom humiliation big leagues?

Up to the challenge, fit to the task?

You are so tempted to call me now for some Feminazi Humiliation.

Let's see if you can hang with the best.

I'm a 100% unapologetic female supremacist and I LOVE what I do.

I will #occupy your mind, your wallet, your penis and all other hostile territory, creating anarchy to bring about a New World Order.

You're so very accustomed to being ignored by beautiful women, young hotties & even your average girl next door. You've on occasion savored the scorn of a misandry spewing mistress. But you've never before been put in your place by a real revolutionary gynarchic Amazon Warrior.
Call now and I will scorn you, ignore you and put you in your proper place whilst redistributing your wealth to fund the Femarchist rEVOLution! you will be nothing but a pawn in MY strategic plan for a New World Order, where simple misandry feminism is exposed for the whiny crybaby game that it is and genuine Amazonian Gynarchy is instituted. Prostate yourself before your New Queen, the FEMMEPIRE is on the horizon and your masculine energy will be harnessed for the Greater Good.

You have trouble getting women to pay attention to you, right? And when they do give you attention, it's the negative kind.

But you're learning to embrace it. After all, any attention is better than no attention at all.

I know what you need. I know how to use you. Call now for high caliber, upper echelon humiliation & devious degradation from a Supremely Masterful Mindfucktress.

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