Phone Sex

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Divine Goddess Aimee

The pain I inflict is the only pleasure you know.

Why Pay ME?

Of course, you pay ME because I tell you to do so.  However, the water runs much deeper than that.  you pay ME because you NEED to pay ME.  you WANT to pay ME.  you are DRAWN to pay ME.  I'm like a beautiful, sleek speedboat racing across the water's smooth, glass-like surface.  The water looks still, calm, serene.  Only deep under the surface do W/we know where the REAL turbulence dwells.  I slice through your calm exterior and rip apart your insides, washing chaos over your pride, faith, self-esteem, self-worth, dreams, ambitions AND finances.  you give to ME because you yearn to be in MY wake.  you give to ME because you cannot fight the storm.  

you give to ME because the PAIN I inflict is the only pleasure you know.

I am a lifestyle Female Supremacist. I command, control and dominate you and expect you to obey ME. Period. MY hand lets go of the phone receiver quite easily for disobedient spunk monkeys. I deserve the best things in life and you, being undeniably inferior, are going to help ME get what I want.

If you're searching for someone to help you jerk that vile thing you call a cock while on the phone, look elsewhere. I don't want to speak to you. your place is on the floor as MY foot stool and that's it. I'm NOT your fantasy Domme. I'm real.