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My Favorite Things
To Do To YOU
  • sissyfication
  • forced-bi
  • cocksucking
  • cum-eating
  • small dick humiliation
  • cross dressing
  • chastity training
  • cuckoldry
  • feminization
  • turning YOU into my BITCH

Sissy bitches, come here! You need to be taken firmly in hand and guided down the path to ultimate sissydom by a pure and gorgeously feminine woman such as myself.

I can be very cruel and exacting-- harsh in my critique of your outfit, behavior, and style. You may even need to be punished publicly for reverting back to your old masculine ways... but eventually, you will be trained up to be the prettiest, sissiest cry baby cock sucker out there!

From pretty little panty pigs who love to do mistresses's bidding, to pathetic hairy men who need lessons in how to shave, to sad and emotionally dysfunctional weenies who need to have every moment of their days planned out, this is a warning: stray sissies on Niteflirt-- your days of roaming looking for a mistress are over! One by one I am going to scoop you up and turn you into the kind of sissy bitches that even Libby Lu would be jealous of!!