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Bend Over and take it for the BratDomme boy!

So you want to know a little about me? I’ve been taking calls on Niteflirt for almost three years now and there is a little something I’ve learned in the process. Most men could never get the attention of a hot young girl like me. Does that sound conceited and stuck up? I know it does, but you also know it’s the truth. Let’s be real, if you could get the attention of a girl like me then you would not even be looking at this listing and thinking about calling me.

But you're in luck! When I'm available that means my attention is for sale and you can have it, if you treat me right!

I'm a brat, I'm spoiled rotten and I am used to getting my way. Blame it on the people that raised me and the boys that spoil me, but it is what I am accustomed to. I like to be in control and I like to make boys whine, whimper and squirm to try and get my attention!

You can’t afford me? Don’t worry most guys can’t just keep perusing through the listings for another girl that doesn’t expect so much in return. But if you want to talk to a gorgeous, hot, 20 year old girl that likes to get dirty, naughty and fuck your mind, your body and your wallet, then give me a call!

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