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Saras Playroom

Psychosexual Humilation plus PTVs

Psychosexual Devastation Awaits You!

You are here because you are a humiliation junkie. Nothing arouses you or excites you as much as this form of psychosexual devastation. The brain chemicals flooding your neural synapses when you are being humiliated are the most powerful rush you have ever found. When a hot girl delivers a verbal barrage that annihilates your ego, you feel sensations that you can’t feel unless you are experiencing live humiliation. When a girl tells you in a cocktease voice how fucked up your fetish is and that you have no hope of ever having a normal relationship with a woman, your dick twitches.

Humiliation can be delivered sensually or sadistically.

There is also a primal factor intertwined with humiliation. This evolved via evolutionary biology. Many millennia ago, human survival was dependent on tribes. If you were marked for humiliation or rejection from members within your tribe, you would risk being cast out. Alone you would not survive. While this threat of alienation has been fairly neutralized in modern society, the primal fear of humiliation and rejection elicits pleasurable responses which counteract their effects. These fears are rooted in deep emotional programming in your brain that can’t be undone. Now... fear has become desire.

Indulge your desires for humiliation this very moment. I’m just a click away when I’m live. Experience humiliation for whatever reason, whether a kick, rush, fetish, fantasy, obsession or vice.

Humiliation Hypnosis hits deep. Experience humiliation deeper than ever before, injected straight into your subconscious while you are in a trance. Request hypno when you call if that is your desire.



  • Outstanding call as always. Sara will take your fetish and twist it around your mind til you lose all control to her!

  • Mistress Sara is a great Mistress. i can't wait to call Her back!

  • Possessed of creativity, a capacity for cruelty, and an incredible voice, Sara is more than we can ask for!

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