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In a fantasy world you would get to see Dr Paris put on her BBC Strap-On cock and take a sissy white boy freshman right! Well here it is in all it's glory! Our sissy white boy freshman has been called into Dr Paris's office for his mid-year review. After listening to Dr Paris give him accolades from Professor Brittany and Professor Dolezal (yes she is now working at BBC University coaching white boys about BBC superiority!), Dr Paris disrobes into a black bra, panty, stocking and garter set and strap-on her BBC for a deep throat & POV pegging session with a squirting BBC cock not to be missed! Will our sissy freshman white boy student pass his mid year review? You'll have to tune in to see! Runtime 26.16 STRAP-ON, PEGGING, SQUIRTING BBC, FEMDOM, DR PARIS, BBC UNIVERSITY, LINGERIE, DOMINANT WOMAN, FEMDOM SEX, GLASSES, HAIR BUN, SISSY SLUT TRAINING, MAKE ME GAY, GAY TRAINING. $24.99 MP4


It's time again for us to have a chat about your Favorite subject and MY favorite subject for you BBC! You know ME well and I never mince words about what you need to do to prepare for BBC and exactly how you can bring BBC into your own submissive life . This highly valuable information is based on MY nearly 30 years counseling white, submissive's and sissies. In this video I will discuss the importance of mantra's and how to specifically do them to attract BBC. In addition to other practical idea's and suggestions to get your life as submissive sissy white bottom to BBC to come to fruition. COERCED BI, COERCED GAY, MAKE ME GAY, SISSY SLUT TRAINING, GAY ENCOURAGEMENT, POSITIVE FEMDOM, BBC, SUBMISSIVE MALES, POWERFUL FEMALE, BUSTY MISTRESS. Runtime 12:24 $15.99<.p>


Guess what honey? You left your cell phone home ALL day. Don't worry it was safe with ME. I took GOOD care of it. I also went through your WHOLE phone and SURPRISE SURPRISE! Guess what I found? Photo albums FULL of BIG BLACK COCK. Erect AND ejaculating. I also found several porn sites with BBC deep throating and bareback fucking white husbands just like you. I searched through your drawers and found THIS. Hols up huge BBC dildo. So you know what honey your going to stick this BBC dildo to the wall, impale yourself on it while I film you. Oh yeah and you're going to squirt on this plate and EAT YOUR OWN CUM. Consider it practice. I have a former college linebacker by the name of Jamal coming over on Saturday with a BBC friend of his also a former college football player to. "TRY" you out. Oh yeah I am going to be here and filming again too! You're damn lucky you married ME! Runtime 21:47 BBC, Coerced Bi, Make Me Gay, Gay Husband, Big Black Dildo Play, CEI, Cum Eating Instructions, Humiliation, Hot Busty Older Woman, JOI, Jerk Off Instructions, Femdom Wife, Cum Countdown MP4 $19.99


I was just outside getting some fresh air and texting a friend on a lovely October evening at dusk, when a talking creeper came out of NO WHERE. In true male entitlement style he thought he could leer and talk to ME. I let him know quickly who I was. Mystical Lady Sam: Female Supremacist with powers far beyond his small pea brain comprehension. Our creeper was unable to keep his eye line vision above MY fabulous all natural 34DDD breasts so I decided to take him on a Mesmerizing, Mind Fucking, Big Breast Bouncing Financial Shakedown. Enjoy MY witty banter, special effects-both visual and audio and MY spectacular all natural 34 DDD Domme Breasts shaking $10k right from the creepers back pocket! Runtime 15:32 FEMDOM, FINDOM, FINANCIAL DOMINATION, BIG BREAST WORSHIP, BREAST DOMINATION,BREAST MESMERIZE, HUMILIATION, MIND FUCK, MIND BEND, MONEY SLAVE, MONEY MISTRESS Runtime 15.32 $17.99


Agent Sam Paris, code name Agent 34-GG, continues on her mission to save the world with her arsenal of hi-tech espionage gadgets and amazing spy breasts! Having interrogated the Professor into revealing the identity and whereabouts of arch-supervillain Dr. Leviathan, she moves quickly to penetrate Leviathan’s secret lair and bring him to justice. But standing in her way is Leviathan’s huge, muscle-bound henchman! The hulking brute demands that she surrender immediately or face serious consequences. But Agent 34-GG has all the training and equipment she needs to cut even the most gargantuan henchman down to size! Before he can react she’s unzipped her sexy catsuit to reveal her powerful secret tools of torment : her massive, breathtaking spy breasts in her irresistible, mesmerizing hipno-bra, instantly putting the huge muscleman into an inescapable breast trance. Helpless to resist the power of Agent 34-GG’s copious cleavage and shiny hipno-bra, he has no choice but to obey the sexy super-spy’s orders to stroke his cock at her command. Now completely in control, Agent Double-G could easily finish off the mesmerized muscle-boy with more of her sexy spy gadgets, like her knockout lipstick or poison perfume, but she has a far more entertaining fate in mind for the helpless henchman: she uses his own massive strength against him by counting him down and making him cum so hard for her amazing spy boobs that all the strength is completely drained from his hulking body! Now totally drained of both cum and strength, the defeated henchman is unable to even stand and falls helplessly at Agent 34-GG’s feet. Knowing there’s no time to waste, the victorious Agent Double-G steps right over her overpowered opponent’s prone body and, blowing him a quick kiss as she strides through the door he was guarding, leaves the utterly defeated muscle-boy lying exhausted in a puddle of his own cum. Now it’s time to deal with Dr. Leviathan. Music, Sound Effects, Breast Bouncing, JOI, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck,Magic Control, Breast Worship, Catsuit, Goddess Worship, Masturbation Instructions. Runtime 24:36 $24.99

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