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Welcome BACK to BBC Prison Punk!
In this highly requested sequel, I am excited to be booking in, once again, our young white boy offender, this time for violating his parole. He’s here to stay in the in the big house of BBC Prison for 2 long years. I have a hunch that our young offender deliberately violated parole so that he could be reunited with his Big, Black, Dominant former cellmate Tyrone. I have to break it to our young white punk that Tyrone is celled up with another pretty young white boy, but Tyrone’s cousin Mack Jackson has an opening in his cell. Mack is bigger, more dominant, and even meaner than Tyrone (if that’s possible). I secretly give our white boy punk a sexy little gift for his first honeymoon night with big, bad, Mack Johnson. You know what they say? Once you go black you never go back. BBC, Big Black Cock,Interracial Dominant Sex, Coerced Bi, Gay encouragement, Prison Fantasy, Dominant Woman, Police Woman, Humiliation, Sissy, Feminization, Femdom. Runtime 12.27 $15.99,
How White Boys Need To Prepare For BBC
Dr Paris guides you through all the steps you need to take as a submissive white boy to prepare for sex with BBC. Physical, mental and lifestyle actions are described in graphic detail by yours truly, so that you will be ready, willing and able to service BBC at your highest potentiality. Frank advice and tips from MY 29 years of guiding submissive white boys just like you into the wonderful, exhilarating world of BBC. BBC Big Black Cock, Gay Encouragement, Sissification, Feminization, Gay Sex Preparedness, Coerced Bi, Dominant Woman, Femdom. Runtime 16:19 $19.99
My Gay Husband: Guess What I Found On Your Computer History & In Your Man Cave?
Covid-19 has gotten me cleaning everything! Including your man-cave and clearing out your computer history. Guess what honey? You better sit down. Let ME show you and tell you about what I found. I need you to clarify whether you’re having an affair on ME or whether these viagra pills, panties, dildo’s and gay porn history belong to you?! I’m stunned and shocked! You’ll never guess what MY reaction is. Tune in to find out. BBC, Big Black Cock, Cuckolding, Sissification, Dominant Woman, Submissive Male, Confrontation, Coerced Bi, Gay Encouragement, Humiliation, Wife Role-play, Exposure, Busty Woman. Mature Woman. Runtime 16:55 $19.99
My Gay Husband: Let’s Get You Prepared For BBC
center>Now there are no more secrets between sissy, subbie, faggot hubby and I! Coerced feminization, you know I LOVE to shop! Wigs, makeup, panties, bra’s, stockings, slutty dresses and female hormones , and gender surgery are all discussed. Lots of BBC cock play right through the fly of my tight jeans. Nothing hotter than a busty, dominant sexy wife with a big black cock hanging between her legs ready to train her gay husband to serve and receive the creme de la creme of all cocks, the incomparable BBC. Pampered wife turns into a Dominant Cuckoldress for her gay husband when discovering his secret. The kinky fun continues. Cuckolding, Forced Bi, BBC, Big Black Cock, Strap-on, Sissification, Feminization, Dominate wife role-play, Humiliation, Busty Mature Woman, Femdom. Runtime 14:00 $18.99

BBC University Freshman Orientation With Dr Paris
Dr Paris is BACK in all her high octane, coerced-bi, BBC, kink. Did ya miss ME? Listen in as I counsel a brand, new 18 year old, white male student at Biggen Blackmore University about what being a freshman here is REALLY like. I will cover the “ins and outs” of his new housing assignment with an African American junior AND senior football players as his roommates. What’s expected and required of him in terms of keeping his roommate’s testosterone levels in control. Detailed requirements regarding bathroom visits between classes to to service BBC both orally and anal, spit-roasting, prostate gland biology and P-Spot pleasure, and a reminder that white boys fill the female role on campus (as BBC University is female free except for ME Dr Paris of course) In all ways AND that we are a condom FREE campus. 19.04 minutes long. Mp4. Coerced Bi, Forced-Bi, BBC, Sissy, Gay sex, Feminization, Big Black Cock, Role-play, Doctor, Glasses, Legs, Mature Woman, Busty, Professional Woman
Dr Paris: Freshman Crowned Homecoming White Boy Slut At BBC University

Congratulations are in order! You have been crowned freshman white boy slut for Homecoming here at BBC University! Competition was fierce but word on campus is you are the overwhelming worthy winner. Word gets around that you are an amazing , multi hole cum slut at the At BBC soirées thrown by your African American football playing roommates. You make Dr Paris proud! Furthermore, word on the street is that you are a incredible multi-talker in the men’s lavatory on campus in between classes. Spit roasting in stall number 4 between classes: Gender studies 101 and sexuality and race 101, makes you the embodiment of the ideal white male student at BIggen Blackmore University! You will be the guest of honor at our XXX Homecoming Gang Bang, in which you will be receiving too many BBC’s to count. Start preparing ASAP and remember you must remove all our body hair, smooth skin is the name of the game, do your anal kegels AND no condoms are allowed on campus. See you at Homecoming, I’ll be videotaping everything!. 15.03 Minutes long, Mp4, Coerced Bi, BBC, Big Black Cock, Gay Sex, Feminization, College Role-Play, Sissification, Doctor, Glasses, Legs, Busty, Mature Woman, Dominant Woman, Femdom, Forced-Bi.

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