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Cuckolding is Evolutionary! ☎ + PTVs


Recently, an intriguing article in the New York Observer focused on the fascination with one of the most misunderstood fetishes on the planet, financial domination. The article also related Findom to Cuckolding. There is an evolutionary relationship dynamic between Money Domme and money slave, Cuckoldress and cuckold.

Beta males with a desire to provide for high status females without any expectation of physical sex would be naturally selected for. Beta males need to allow their wives or girlfriends greater access to superior gene selection while working harder to provide resources, primarily money to offer an enticing lifestyle.

A Cuckoldress finesses beta males to bestow her with cash and gifts. This behavior is what beta males have done in deference to an Alpha Female throughout evolution. The Findom Cuckoldress uses the gifts (examples: clothing, jewelry, heels, vacations) purchased by finsubs to attract or excite her Alpha Male lovers. She can spend the cash to feather her nest or to lure Alpha Males to her bed. All the elements of cuckolding are in play. The Alpha Female reinforces her Alpha Cuckoldress status while enforcing the role of the beta males as cuckolds. Cuckolds are expressly not for mating, they are expected to be providers and to improve the quality of life of superior females. It’s all based on tenets of evolutionary biology. The strongest and most desirable females focus on mating with the strongest and most desirable males. When cuckolds perform their duties, they support the perpetuation of the species at a primal level.

Explore your cuckolding lifestyle or desires in intelligent conversation, indulge in cuckold fantasy role plays, experience cuckold humiliation or even mind warping erotic hypnosis to accept your cuckold status in the male hierarchy. I am a very popular Cuckoldress here on Niteflirt. My background includes two realtime cuckold relationships, taking classes in Evolutionary Biology and doing a lot of research on cuckolding...including cuckolding in Art. I also believe in Female Led Relationships (FLR). I can even tell you a few secrets on how to encourage your vanilla wife or girlfriend to become a hotwife or Cuckoldress!

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Cuckold Confessions Excerpt!

"I decided to let my wife start fucking other men so I could keep her. She had threatened to divorce me and leave my 4 inch embarrassment behind unless I let her have sex with well hung men. I didn't want to lose her, so I basically became a cuckold. I truly thought she would find a nice white guy with a big dick to fuck on the side, but she announced she was done with white wimps and was going to fuck black cock only. She met her black stud at a parking garage where he worked in the city. He flashed her with his big black cock. A pervert flasher I thought? But I found out that's what they do when they see married white women. And it's all they have to do to ensnare horny wives, they hypnotize them with their BBCs! Now he has retired and as a bitched cuckold, I support him and my wife. I work my regular job plus two of his former jobs, parking cars at nite at a big parking garage in the city and on the weekends at a large casino complex. He still gets the paychecks for those jobs and laughs at me when they come in the mail. I can't even keep my tips from parking cars, every nite I have to give him the cash, he smacks my face and tells me I don't work hard enough and to get more tips. Work harder lazy man, he yells at me!"

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