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Demanding Mistress Will Train You Right

I am a lifestyle Mistress, have been in the scene over 10 years. Experience in all sorts of scenes from quiet & intense to loud & public. Specifically: domestic discipline, slave training, forced feminization, spanking, paddling, nipple torture, body worship, strap-on sex, orgasm denial & teasing, foot torture (on subs), candle/wax, knife play, piercings, flogging, singletail, Japanese rope bondage, caning, CBT (cock & ball torture), humiliation, role-plays of all sorts (age play, medical, student/techer, boss/employee, etc.)

I'm also active in my local leather community and a sexual freedom actvist on the national front. I cover all the news on the altsex community for one of the major, alternative local newspapers. I am also a performance artist.

I'm part of a polyamorous family, currently, I own two slaves: one male and one female. Both are properly trained to serve me and fulfill my high expectations. I adore training folks new to the scene who have sub tendencies. If I'm training them, I know they will be properly behaved right from the start! I have a dominant, commanding voice and demeanor that will sink you instantly and deeply into "sub space."

I can create custom scenes for you, give you meaningful "homework assignments" via e-mail and write you custom erotica. In addition to hot & sexy chat with a true Mistress, I am also available for non-sexual counseling about all the issues involved in "coming out" as kinky or having a fetish or wanting to be dominated.

I excel at assuaging newbie fears & questions about making the transition from a vanilla life to life "in the scene." I've ushered many vanilla men into the scene and counseled them on all sorts of concerns (What will my current girlfriend think? How can I tell her? What's a play party? How do I find a real life Mistress?And so forth.)

I know exactly what you're thinking: "Why should I pay her when she does this for free?" Well, first my slaves are contracted to me and are my loves. Even an interior designer infatuated with design gets paid when he's at work. He might be even higher paid/in greater demand because of his love for the work he does and his dedication to it.

What you are paying for is expert advice, a friendly ear, someone to completely cater a scene to your fetishes & desires. Let's be honest, for every lifestyle Mistress there are at least 20 male submissives. The laws of supply and demand are not in your favor, there just aren't enough dominant women to go around. I've come to value my time and skills; I think they're worth paying for and I think you will too.

Please be advised that there will occasionally be times when I am listed as available but can't answer my phone. I might be "tied up" so to speak. If this happens, please accept my apologies and consider making an appointment.