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THE SUPREME GODDESS beckons the little under-lings

This is MY THRONE so get down on your knees boy and pay homage. If you want to get down in the dirt with an ANGEL, this is the place to start. Worship ME like your life depends on it - it does! You know its True - 1 am the ONE who validates your pathetic existence. You WILL provide ME with all that 1 demand ... or you will be banished from My world. If you do NOT contribute to MY Empire in some manner - be it financial or otherwise (ie skills that 1 require) you are but a flea on MY dogs BUTT waiting to be eradicated. If 1 choose to CONTROL you, Humiliate you, Degrade you, Abuse you, Use you, Destroy you to build you back up or make your life an unbearable nightmare, it is better than not having ME in your life at all. 1 don’t want Promises 1 want to see ACTIONS. 1 am only interested in ONE thing… making MY life easier. Remember that there is another underling grovelling around the corner waiting to take your place so DONT irritate ME. 1 expect EVERYTHING from MY slaves/subs - 1 am a spoilt BRAT - VERY WEALTHY and it's still NOT enough. 1 learnt at a young age: - 1 WANT it ALL - simply put, there ISNT enough money or POWER in the world for ME so 1 expect you to FEED my NEEDS. 1 am open to the prospect of Real-Time should something of considerable quality capture MY attention. Stop making excuses, YOU search for the REAL thing – well – HERE IT IS. read My sites FIRST: start at