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Sweet and Seductively Sinful Stories by Anik

Has your curiousity ever been piqued by a young and beautiful woman? Maybe she is in a coffee house, reading a book, her eyes are following along the words on the pages in from of her, her luscious lips mouthing the thoughts written upon the paper some time ago. She looks up at you, smiles a sweet smile and brushes her silky soft auburn hair away from her face. Coy, yet shy, she adjusts her legs so that the slit of her skirt drops open revealling her well toned legs and thighs. You are sweating a bit now, she is hot now too. Rising a bit revealing her dewy, down soft mounds of breast, her hair slicked close to the nape of her neck. magaine what she is thinking! How will you inspire more of this reaction from her, how could it be that just your gaze upon her has made her so hot? I can reveal the rest of myself to you, we can dance this dance all night long and revel in the sweet scents of our lust... call me... let's leave this coffee house for more private settings...