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Mistress Teri

Wicked Bitch of the West wants YOUR submission!!!!

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You need to realize that you are 

 You will show me the level of obedience that I am expecting, and I will not tolerate players.
I am a Mistress. You will address me as such. YOU, little slave boy, will do my bidding and you will do it quickly, or you will suffer the consequences of my wrath. Your only job is to please me, and in that, I will make you beg for mercy.   I will make you squirm with delight. I will humiliate you, make you lick my boots, and hold my ashtray as I ignore you completely. You are nothing. You are now in my Realm, and when you are in my realm, you will do everything that I tell you.

I will make you beg. 

I will torment your cock with my luscious body. I have some lovely whips that I will make you clean and worship, as well. I can help you become the slave you have always wanted to be. I will bring you higher, making you moan and whimper at the merest touch on your whore skin.

I am into: CBT, Binding, Whipping, Flogging, Anal Play, Forced Femme, so that I can turn you into a cock sucking slut that you KNOW you long to be. You need to call me, you need to realize that your desires will only be fulfilled when you submit to me, and I caress your worthless ass with my riding crop.

I will tease you mercilessly and make you beg for release. I may not give it. I will laugh at you and torment you; making you see that your COMPLETE obedience to me supercedes everything you have ever thought! I will work your body and your mind over in such a fashion, that you will panting for more.
So Pick up that phone, whore. And call me. NOW. I want you to show me your absolute submission. I want that cock HARD and ready for me to torment. I want you to have toys for me to use on you. I will enjoy using you for my pleasure, especially your little whore ass. Now that you have your directive, why isn't my phone ringing?? 

NOW, Slut! DO IT NOW!!!