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Stats: Height: 5'10 (without heels) Hair: Brunette Shoe Size: 8.5 Age: 31 Spiritual Side: Wiccan Background: Fortunately, I have had a very interesting life. While in California I had the opportunity to spend over 10 years as an actress/model. During that time I appeared in a number of movies and was on the cover of several fashion magazines. Because of my appreance, I had the opportunity to double for Gina Davis in the film Thelma & Louise. It was during this time I was introduced to the fetish scene. Living and working in California was an amazing training ground for the fetish scene. Taking what I learned from California, I moved to New York and performed at The Hell Fire Club in New York for a period of time. This experience introduced too even more people in the fetish scene taught me more about the life style. After my time in New York, I returned to California only to decide to move to South Florida to be near close friends. Acting and traveling have brought me in contact with many interesting people. During this time I have collected many different types of clothes, footwear, and fetish equipment that quite frankly most people never even heard of! Because of my exposure to others in the scene and my own artistic tastes I strive to make each session a one of a kind experience. I truly believe that I am artist and each man or woman that comes to me is a blank canvas desiring of me to create a unique work of art. If you have read this far then you have passed my test as someone who is serious about about finding mistress and finding a way to meet the true fetish needs that you desire to have met. Now is the time for you to call to see if we make a connection. Call now.