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taboo princess

-IGNORE LINE- Call this line and be ignored by ME!

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I am hot and I know it. I don't need to be a slut to get what I want. I <3 attention. If you call this line I will _ignore_ you. This is my ignore line for losers. Call and listen in while I sit the phone down and totally ignore your loser ass. I could be home hanging out, or maybe I'm out with my friends. No matter what I am doing you can be sure of one thing. You will be on IGNORE!

Addict-O-Matic. These should keep you busy for awhile.


I am into cock-tease and denial, cbt, bbc, chastity, cuckolds who like younger women, forcing you to do perverted things, watching you perform on cam, turning you out like a sissy, making you suck cock for me, teasing you with my perfect feet, playing games and coming up with unique assignments for you to complete each week, fulfilling my insatiable need for shoes, clothes, and jewelry and cash!

There are a few ways you might impress me. Be an intellectual, capable of holding my perfect attention, be willing to humiliate yourself, be willing to pay my bratty little ass to talk to you, have a big enough cock and a cute enough face I might actually look twice at you (good luck), shower me with jewelry, shoes and other girly gifts, call me frequently enough that I get to know you and prove that you are someone who is worthy of my addictive attention, never get jealous that you aren't the only one, I'm not monogamous and never will be, do what I tell you when I tell you, take the word no out of your vocabulary right now, and get used to the words YES PRINCESS EMMA. You'll be saying them a lot. First you call, then you fall.