Phone Sex

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Lady Lilli, in Her infinite generosity, is allowing you to buy your pleasure. That's see, My favorite erotic thing, after denial and humiliation of course, is money. I do LOVE money. So, for all of you little dick guys out there who have absolutely NO hope of My pleasuring you any other way,(because I can't stand little dicks...even the big ones are only toys for a while) now you can buy it. This is how it works. You call and be prepared to tell Me EXACTLY what your pleasure is. Do you want a blow job? Or maybe you would like to taste the sweetness that is Me? Or perhaps you would actually like to use that little penis of yours in some way or other to penetrate one of My exquisite orafices? Whatever it is, be prepared to tell me as soon as you call. At that point, I will tell you how long I will tease, deny and humiliate you before you will be pleasured. Average is 5 minutes to taste Me, 10 minutes for My perfect lips around your sorry little member, and 20 minutes for a penetration "attempt" (if that little thing will even do it.) If you can withstand that long, I assure you, Lady Lilli has left NO man unhappy. Yes, I want your money...and you want this way, we are both happy.

A gentleman will ALWAYS leave feedback for his Lady.
If you can withstand begging and being humiliated for 15 minutes, you will be rewarded with 5 free minutes on your next call.

I am allowing my sex slaves to see my revealing pictures. You must be respectful. You may stroke your cock if you like, but you MAY NOT cum without live permission from me.

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