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I am standing outside my house, waiting for you to pick me up. I know how long the drive will be so I am wearing something comfortable, a blue cotton dress. You pull up, and I walk to the door, I am bra-less, my hard nipples are easily noticed thru the thin cotton. I can see, by the bulge in your pants, that you remember what I did to you the last time we were on this long trip. After getting in the car, I move closer to you, so that I can play with your big, hard cock, unzipping your pants, and taking it out. I make it harder drive as nibble and suck on your cock, cupping your balls with a free hand. The more noise that you make the harder suck and the faster I slide my mouth up and down your shaft. I grip your balls tight as you climax, and suck you dry before I let you go. I put your hand under my dress, so that you can see how wet you have made me and that I need some TLC. I slide one leg behind your head and the other in your lap, giving your fingers easy access to what lies between them. You rub my clit with your thumb, before sliding three fingers deep inside me, it only takes a few strokes before I am cumming all over your fingers. Your cock is hard again because you know I will not settle for just fingers. You tilt the steering wheel and move the seat back, to allow room for me to ride you. My pussy is so wet that my juices run down my thighs on to the seat. I position my pussy right above your cock so I can tease you, but you will not have that and slam it deep inside me, filling me to the hilt. Our bodies make squishing sounds as I ride you hard, searching for every inch of your love stick. You do not have a choice but to cum deep inside me, as I climax, my pussy clamping down hard on your cock. I want you to cum in my ass though so I pull you out and put the head of your cock at my rear entrance, which is well lubed by now, and help you push your big cock into my little ass. I work your cock in my ass, moving slowly at first and then faster, rubbing my pussy so I can climax too. You cum quick inside my tight ass, and my climax soon follows. In the beginning, you would tell me that we could not have sex while driving because we wouldn't have time, but now everything is a long trip.

Click on the photo to see my NUDE PICS

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