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Mistress Chantz Fortune

Kneel at My boots - you're BOUND to serve ME!!!

Hello dogs! I am Mistress Chantz Fortune-I am a XXX pornstar-dancer- and MOST IMPORTANTLY to you-A MISTRESS! I love to punish naughty slaves and make them lick my boots clean! I love to toy with your mind and always try MY best to get inside and turn your will to mush! you will worship ME-and eventually I will own you...that is what you want isn't it? I know that it is! I want to have you there to please punish you (which is a pleasure all it's own) do as I say! Because-you know that I am the Boss of your dreams! I want to make you MY bitch I want the answer to all of my orders to be-"If it pleases you Mistress!" because that is what you are for-to please ME! Your purpose in life is to make ME happy! If I want you as my sissy slut-you know the answer! If I want you to buy me gifts-you will do that too! If I want you to give me your wallet-you will gladly hand it over! I can be fair-I can be harsh-I will be the Mistress you only dreampt of!You will be MINE in every sense of the word! My property to do with as I see fit! Call ME if you DARE!!!! To see me-go look at MY website-DO IT NOW! nfpage1.jpg nfpage2.jpg