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EXTREME DOMINATION Before going any further - you must know rule #1. I do not tolerate insubordination. If you CLAIM to be a submissive/slave -then behave as one. I will not battle for control of you, and I will not wrestle submission from your sticky little palms. If you are going to continue to need to fight for top - begone. I have no use for you. Now then. That having been said, there is only one rule that you craven little slugs must abide at all times (whether in my presence or not) - this is about *ME*. There is no you. ONLY ME. *My* needs, *My* wants, *My* pleasure. If you are to be My slave, you have no rights. You want a vote, join the slave union. You want to serve me - forfeit your vote at the door. Save yourself the aggravation and heartache - give up your expectations right now. This is not to say that I cannot and will not be generous with my attentions and sensitive to your feelings. I may. That however will be at my whim, and not because you have the expectation that I should be. Any considerations you receive from me are gifts of my generosity, and should be treated as such.