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Goddess Farrah

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I live like a rock star, you pay & serve Me~ what could be better? This may be the only chance someone like you will get to talk to someone like me. I am a lifestyle FemDomme/Dominatrix/Mistress and this is the line to call if you need real fincial slavery!

Remember, freaks~ ALL of My pictures are mine and I do have a web cam listing. If My cam is on you may see ME while I drain you. I know, I know you do not deserve it~ but you will be hooked! I control you throught My beautiful face, My flawless body, are you going to ruin yourself for anyone less than the best? I exact a huge price from ANY man I allow to have contact with Me. In r/t I play REAL financial suicide games with suckers that come to Vegas & $pend tens of thousands in a night shopping for Me, gambling and spoiling Me. I am not a silly little twat who needs "munny for books". No, I know MY worth in this world and have no problem making you pay for it. Am I spoiled, demanding, bratty? Maybe when I was a teenager & making guys in their 20's let Me use their cars, and buy designer clothes for Me. No, I have moved far beyond that to laughing as strong powerful men throw away 50K in a weekend in Vegas on Me and gambling, laughing when they wake up in the morning hungover, sick and broke. But if you want to call someone who has a .99 cent blowjob listing, as well as a financial domination listing you go on ahead, I guess for some guys its not enough to be a sucker, they have to be a fucking schmuck, too.

This is your chance to be used by a truly beautiful on the outside, intelligent, cunning, superior female. Call with an appropriate introduction telling Me about your perversions~I am not a freaking mind reader. We both know I am WAY freaking out of your league, the only contact you will have with someone like Me & having Me participate in your freak-nastiness is to call Me here...

Just look at My pictures and you will realize I deserve to be worshiped and adored. I have even twisted many NON-BDSM boys with My looks into being My own personal bitches.

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