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Transpeople, Crossdressers & Sissies: Help/Advice

Mistress Scarlet
Working with Sissies, Crossdressers, and Transgendered Individuals

  • 40 years old
  • 21 years BDSM experience
  • 100% lesbian, 100% dominant
I am gorgeous, aggressive, intelligent, and bitchy. I control, use & abuse weak, submissive, sex-obsessed men, including sissies and crossdressers. However, individuals who are considering, beginning, or have completed a gender transition are fellow queers, and I enjoy speaking to them as individuals.
Worship my beauty!

The Slutty Sissy

  • Loves wearing slutty lingerie.
  • Acts like a typical male slut, but wants to displace these issues onto his so-called "femininity"
  • Often has a large collection of lacy panties, stockings, etc.
  • May be a closet homosexual, obsessed with the idea of sucking cock, but wants to be "forced" to live out his fantasies, so that he doesn't have to accept responsibility for them

The problem with sissies isn't that they are more feminine that other men. Your problem is that you still believe femininity is shameful. Get real! Women are the superior gender. You are a man who wants to dress up like a slut, suck cock, and humiliate yourself on webcam. Check around, these aren't typical female fantasies, they are typical male obsessions. Call now to start taking responsibilities for your own fantasies and actions, or even just for fun. I will tell you what to wear, send you out on missions to buy the sluttiest clothing known to man, and send you out into situations where you are humiliated for failing to pass as a woman.

The Closet Crossdresser

  • Starts by acquiring one article of feminine clothing, usually a pair of pantied, and perhaps a tube of lipstick. If married (and slight of build), may simply use his wife's panties at this stage.
  • Slowly builds a large collection of lingerie by purchasing items or stealing them from an intimate partner.
  • May add cosmetics, wigs, and/or women's clothing to his collection.
  • Has a fantasy of passing as a woman. May or may not act on this urge.
  • Tends to be truly heterosexual, without homosexual tendencies. Often married or in a serious relationship with a woman, who does not know about his crossdressing. Usually feels very guilty about his little secret.
  • Goes through periods of shame where he throws away everything related to his crossdressing, including pornography and instructional materials, and vown never to crossdress again. After weeks, months, or years of not crossdressing, he will begin the cycle again.

I applaud crossdressers' efforts to emulate women. You are closer to womanhood than 95% of the men in America, and for that I am almost impressed. Almost. Because you are never going to be a woman. You prefer to maintain male privilege in your everyday life, while crossdressing as a purely erotic activity. There is nothing wrong with this, mind you, it just means that you a still a man. Call now to work on reducing your shame, meeting other crossdressers for support, coming out to your partner, and learning how to pass as a woman, whether in public or in private.


  • Raised male, self-identifies as female.
  • Is either living full-time as a woman, or is actively increasing time spent as a woman and informing others of her decision.
  • Stage of transition is irrelevant to identity, as transwomen can be on hormones or not, and also can be non-op, pre-op, or post-op.

If you are considering making a gender transition, call me to discuss your options, ask my opinion on your state of readiness, or simply to enjoy some girl talk!


  • Raised female, self-identifies as male.
  • Social and self-identity are determining factors.
  • Stage of transition is irrelevant to identity, as transmen have many options regarding whether or not to take T, have top surgery, have bottom surgery, or remain non-op.

As a lesbian, I have many friends who are considering transitioning, have begun their transitions, or have completed their transitions to their satisfaction. Call to talk, to discuss your options, or simply to flirt!

After speaking to me, make sure to go to your recent calls page to leave me positive feedback and 5 stars.

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