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Mistress Nina

Tiny Dicks, a blight on Womankind. Brutal & Honest

They said that size doesn't matter... They Lied!!!

Do you measure up?

Do you hide in public restrooms, afraid the others will see your tiny boybean?
Do you fear going to the beach where everyone can see you for the "man" you are in your shorts?
Do you dread that date when your new girl puts her hand in your pants and has to search for your winkie?
Are you really so pathetic to believe the myth about size?

I am a real life
Size Queen Humiliatrix

your tiny thing makes you worthless and unfuckable. Woman really want nothing to do with you unless you can provide them with a lot of cash and maybe a good tongue. your teenie weenie makes everyone laugh. your humping skills make your wife and former lovers wretch.

My girlfriends and I sit around and make fun of your silly pictures. you have no worth save the entertainment you provide. I have years of experience mocking the macho men who strut around like they have something to offer. Too often they have little more than a thumb between their shaking thighs as I laugh them out of my house. I will remind you of your pathetic existence. you will have to entertain Me if you want My attention. I have embarrassing homework assignments that have made others run in shame. Admit that you are a teeny weenie and find salvation in serving as my humiliation entertainment.

The Size Queen Game

Are you man enough to play?

you must be at least 8" to satisfy this Queen

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for EACH inch you are lacking.

oooo Look who made the list....

little jon - you are soooooo big, Hardly! At less than 4" and you still wonder why there is never a second date! Pay up short stuff. It's cheaper than dating random women, still hoping for date number 2.

scotty daniel - you owe another $80. Pay up, wanker!

LickityRik - with the teeniest dick! I don't think they get any smaller. I never would have believed you if I had not seen the pics. Click 6 times.



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