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Mistress Scarlet
Lifestyle Lesbian Domina

  • 40 years old
  • 21 years BDSM experience
Are you a financial and emotional masochist? Do you fantasize about giving all your money to a confident woman? Do you dream of making sacrifices in your own life in order to pay a superior woman? Most importantly, do you have a strong desire to serve a beautiful domina on her terms?
You know you do not deserve your financial success. Call now for lifestyle training and wallet draining. This is not a fantasy jerk-off line. Be prepared to divulge your darkest secrets and most private fantasies to me. If you want a quick, cheap wanking session, call one of my recordings, or just call one of the many phone sex providers on Niteflirt instead. They will happily act out your fantasy. I am a lifestyle domina, and when you call me, I call the shots. Switches need not apply.
If you get hard just thinking about having your wallet drained by a sexy, strong woman, then call now and I'll get to work fulfilling that fantasy for you.
About Mistress Scarlet:

Your role will be to pay for my purchases, carry my packages, and compliment me on my beauty and good taste. My role will be to take your money! Any questions?

About you:

In addition to their need to be taken advantage of, financial servants often have other fetishes and addictions. Take a look at the profiles below and see how many fit you.

Which of these profiles best describes you?

The Compulsive Masturbator

  • Drools over pictures of beautiful porn goddesses
  • Jerks off multiple times a day
  • Surfs the web for porn late at night (and sometimes at work)
  • Often obsessed with lesbians and lesbian sex

The Paid Sex Addict

  • Pays prostitutes for sex
  • Visits strip clubs on a regular basis
  • Calls phone sex and phone domination lines repeatedly
  • Gets off on the fact that he has to pay

The Cuckold

  • Suspects (or knows) that his wife is cheating
  • Begs his wife for sex, but gets DENIED
  • Fantasizes about watching his wife with her lover

The Sexual Inadequate

  • Cannot satisfy a woman during sex
  • Has a tiny little penis (less than 6" long, or just very skinny)
  • Has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
  • Has been humiliated by women who refuse him once they see his limp little dick

The Nerd

  • Lost his virginity late, or may still be a virgin
  • Shy and socially awkward, especially around beautiful women
  • May be intelligent and/or successful, but still can't get laid

The Old Man

  • Old, fat, balding, and/or ugly
  • Dreams about sex with hot girls in their teens and twenties
  • Often married to an old woman
  • May have been attractive and/or virile in his youth, but those days are long gone

The Fetishist

  • Has a particular fetish that he is obsessed with
  • Common fetishes include shoes, feet, smoking, panties, leather, domination, and long hair
  • Has difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection without his fetish item

The Closet Homosexual

  • Obsessed with the idea of sucking cock
  • May also wish to be fucked in the ass by a man or shemale
  • Wants to be "forced" to live out his fantasies, so that he doesn't have to accept responsibility for them
  • Loves to eat his own ejaculate when masturbating
  • Often married (or divorced)

The Sissy Crossdresser

  • Loves wearing ladies' lingerie
  • Tries to look like a beautiful woman, but only succeeds in looking like a silly sissy
  • Acts like a typical male slut, but wants to displace these issues onto his so-called "femininity"
  • Often has a large collection of lacy panties, stockings, etc.

The Panty Thief

  • Obsessed with women's panties and other lingerie
  • Steals worn and clean panties from the hampers and drawers of women he knows
  • May even steal panties from strangers' clotheslines or gym bags
  • Goes to great lengths to accquire panties
  • Often started stealing panties at an early age
  • Also enjoys peeking up womens' skirts and down their blouses
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