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Financial Slavery - Pay up and be my cash cow!

Welcome to Monique

Welcome to Monique’s Lair 

Leave your overly inflated fragile male ego at the door.

It won’t serve you here.

Make these terms part of your vocabulary:


Give in

Let go






I know you.  The real you.   To the world you may be a successful masculine man who is in control of himself and his surroundings.  That’s not the real you.  When you walk through my door you leave all that macho bravado behind and become my obedient servant.  

What does it mean to be my slave?  It is an acquired status reached only by those who are genuinely aware of their own inadequacy and my inherent superiority.   It means you surrender all to me without exception.  Your will, your pride, your self-respect and, of course, YOUR MONEY!!!  If you are fortunate enough to be counted among my slaves, you have nothing to do but attend to my desires.  It is your job to ensure that my comforts are served by making any and all appropriate arrangements to make my life easy.   

You live every moment of the day in eager anticipation of your next session with me. In those sessions you will please me and cater to my every whim.  You will submit to every torture and humiliation to arouse my passion.  You will buy me gifts and make financial sacrifices to please me and fulfill my desires.  You’ll beg for mercy when I step on your cock with my stiletto heels.   Your reward is hearing me masturbate to your pain and agony.  You can smell my lust build with every lash of my crop across your ass, thighs and balls.  Then when I’ve cum you can clean my luscious cunt with your grateful tongue and bask in the warmth of my satisfied smile.