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Shade Diva ... a Sublime, Soulful Sadist

Note: There is a guy pretending to be me that is now contacting folks in my Keen groups saying he is me. shadedivafinslv is NOT me, I go by ShadeDiva - not some name that *looks* like it. So please be aware that if the fellow contacts you, it is NOT me, and he is trying to scam you.

UPDATE: I'm told he's created a Keen/Niteflirt listing
using Shade Diva (two words and a space).
I am ShadeDiva, two words, no space.

As time goes by I find myself changing as a human and a dominant. I dabbled in the realms of female supremacy and financial domination online, but over the last couple of years, it just really seemed to become a souless thing for me, with the exception of a few sweet dear boys.

In reality, I prefer to be more like the dominant I feel is healthy and serene, one that is both cruel and gentle, one that laughs freely and with gaity and lightness of spirit and heart, while being able to be deadly serious when it is needed of me.

If you wish to speak to someone that has an actual clue about BDSM, and prefers to conduct herself as a responsible sadist and dominant, and isn't just chirping trite phrases to create the illusion of dominance, call me. Most of you no doubt don't give a rat's azz if they have a clue or not as long as you get off, and to those I say this: seek another, as you and I won't have an enjoyable call most likely - knowing me I'd simply hang up on you in the first minute if that's what you are looking for.

If I am not available, you can check out these groups:

Financial Dominants

Of course there are always my recordings if you can't wait to hear MY lovely voice. *smile*

Do not forget to leave feedback after your call.