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We can't replace ourselves Let's repair ourselves!

As we live we often gradually develope habits that annoy others. Often we are so desensitized to these things that we have developed as habits. Others see these habits as defects. We don't even realize we are doing these disturbing things. By talking with me, together we can discover what needs correcting and replace the old hum drum you with a new vibrant you. I have a degree in Psychology. I specialize in sex therapy. I worked with Master's and Johnson 20 years ago and I have plenty of actual personal experience. My techniques work aproximately 98% of the time. I love to help people. I get a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when someone who was once doubtful and unhappy tells me how their life has changed and they are not doubtful anymore and they are happy most of the time. I would love to help people altruisticly. However, I still have to pay rent, buy groceries, and drive a car. I am just like everybody else. I need money to take care of the bills too.